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AGE UI Editor
AGE UI Editor
UI Editor is AGE's tool for designing and building graphical user interfaces.
Universal Report
Universal Report 9.0
A generic and powerful code analysis and documentation tool
SGP Baltie 4 C#
SGP Baltie 4 C# 4.2
Modern scalable object-oriented educational programming teaching tool.
InstrumentLab VC++
InstrumentLab VC++ 5.0.3
Visual C++ Visual instruments - Gauges, Thermometers, Clocks, Segment Indicators
Stunnix C and C++ Obfuscator
Stunnix C and C++ Obfuscator 4.0
An advanced tool to make any C/C++ code unreadable and unreworkable.
C++ Code Export
C++ Code Export 1.0.0
Quickly and easily format, export and print your C/C++ documents with this tool
RC Localize
RC Localize 7.06
Translate Visual Studio RC resources files, localize your application easily
Controlled Variables
Controlled Variables 1.3.3
Controlled Variables for secure C++ by forcing variables initialization.
PlotLab VC++
PlotLab VC++ 5.0.3
PlotLab is a set of VC++ components for very fast Data Visualization.
Antechinus C# Editor
Antechinus C# Editor 6.2
Easy to use, lightning-fast C# editor with visual form design.
Eziriz .NET Obfuscator
Eziriz .NET Obfuscator
Eziriz .NET Obfuscator is a powerful .NET Obfuscator.
Huagati DBML/EDMX Tools
Huagati DBML/EDMX Tools 2.32
Add-in for Linq-to-SQL and Entity Framework in Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012
MetaLib 5.0
The SDK includes functions for reading, writing and sorting MetaStock files.
Cell Phone Inspector Program
Cell Phone Inspector Program
Mobile inspector tool with VC++ source code shows info of cell phone, SIM card
G# geometry libraries for .NET
G# geometry libraries for .NET 2.2.0
Top-performing and robust geometry libraries for .NET
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