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Bitmap2LCD 3.1d
Programming Tool for small graphic LCD, Graphic GLCD
Algorithm 2.7
How to create your own applications? Free tool for software development at home!
PDFGears is a powerful PDF inspector with ability to browse internal objects.
VS Explorer
VS Explorer 2.0
Adds a Windows Explorer-Like file and folder browsing window to Visual Studio
obJET 2.0.4
obJET is an object-oriented database, a persistence API for Microsoft .NET.
FontSaver 1.4
FontSaver shares Font objects instead of creating new ones.
Altova UModel Professional Edition
Altova UModel Professional Edition 2014r2sp1
Altova UModel is the cost-effective UML tool for successful software design.
Agent SVN
Agent SVN 2.38
Seamlessly integrate Subversion with Visual Studio or any MS-SCCI compliant IDE.
Multilizer Pro for Software
Multilizer Pro for Software 10.0
Multilizer Pro for Dev is a tool for localizing different kinds of software.
FR Command Line Text Find and Replace
FR Command Line Text Find and Replace 1.12
Console program designed to simplify find and replace text changes.
MountFocus Keyboard Designer
MountFocus Keyboard Designer 3.2
The most flexible and powerful virtual keyboard designer available
ROM Search
ROM Search 1.1
For software developers only - Locate ROM address in memory.
Trace Modeler for UML Sequence Diagrams
Trace Modeler for UML Sequence Diagrams 1.6
Trace Modeler is an easy to use and smart editor for UML sequence diagrams
OmniView 2.3
OmniView lets you directly edit or query data with no knowledge of SQL
DataGrid Columns .NET assembly
DataGrid Columns .NET assembly 2.7.0
DataGrid Columns .NET assembly for VB.NET, C#, C++ (DataGrid Combobox)
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