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Rhyme Genie
Rhyme Genie 6.0
Dynamic rhyming dictionary with 30 different rhyme types and 300,000 entries.
TWAphorism 1.6
Read daily a german aphorism on screen.
Sozluk 1.6
Expandable Turkish-English-German-French-Italian Dictionary
WordWeb 7
Free one-click English thesaurus and dictionary
Word Finder
Word Finder 1.1.0
Find words that start with, end in, containing letters, specify length
English-German-French-Serbian dictionary, simultaneous three-way translations
MB Astrology Dictionary
MB Astrology Dictionary 1.70
MB Free Astrology Dictionary is an extensive collection of astrological words.
TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus
TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus
One-click complete dictionary and multifaceted thesaurus of the English language
NATO-Russia Military and Political Dicti
NATO-Russia Military and Political Dicti 1.0
Military arts reference with 35000+ entries for all military personnel.
MB Divination Dictionary
MB Divination Dictionary 1.85
This software is the largest divination dictionary from astrology to tarot.
TranslateIt Westlanguage version
TranslateIt Westlanguage version 8.1.3
TranslateIt! will translate words when the mouse moves over an unknown word.
ECTACO Travel Dictionary for Pocket PC ML11
ECTACO Travel Dictionary for Pocket PC ML11 2.5.53
11 dictionaries in a single package with translation from one to any language!
Translate.Net 0.1.3493.4408
Translate words and phrases to and from numerous languages in simple way
MB Psychic Dictionary
MB Psychic Dictionary 1.75
This dictionary is a collection of psychic related terms.
The New English-German Dictionary
The New English-German Dictionary 3.8.5
Bilingual English-German lookup dictionary
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