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Talking Translator Pro
Talking Translator Pro 1.9.4
Translate text between 8 languages and hear your computer read it aloud.
Amigos Spanish Puzzles
Amigos Spanish Puzzles 3.0
Learn Spanish vocabulary using word games and puzzles.
ThaiTrainer111 (en)
ThaiTrainer111 (en) 4.70
Learn the Thai language with ThaiTrainer111, the Thai tutorial for your PC.
ReadWrite Russian
ReadWrite Russian 1.1
Software to learn to read and write the Russian Cyrillic Alphabet
SYNTPARSE French 2.0
Grammatical analysis of the French sentence
WordFile Creator Pro (Japanese)
WordFile Creator Pro (Japanese) 1.2
Create custom Japanese wordfiles accessing our 9000+ word audio archive
TradeManager Translator Pro
TradeManager Translator Pro
TradeManager Translator Pro is instant translation software for TradeManager.
ABBYY Aligner
ABBYY Aligner 1.0
ABBYY Aligner - a tool for easy and quick Translation Memories creation
Asutype Speller
Asutype Speller 3.1
Spell check & automatically correct spelling errors as you type anywhere anytime
ReadWrite Chinese (Traditional)
ReadWrite Chinese (Traditional) 1.1
Learn to read and write 1000 Chinese Traditional characters
FoundationStone 4.0.9
Hebrew Tutoring Application - includes The Online Hebrew Tutorial
MB Japanese Kanji
MB Japanese Kanji 1.20
This is a Japanese form of divination using the letters of the Kanji alphabet.
Just Translate for Windows
Just Translate for Windows 2.9.1
Your travel assistant to understand and communicate in a foreign language.
Teach2000 8.53
Teach2000 is a private teacher to help you memorize a foreign language
Global Translator
Global Translator 2
Free Translator from and to 14 languages
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