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PokerTraining 1.4
Poker Holdem No Limit training software.
Liar's Dice
Liar's Dice 1.0
Liar's dice is the classic dice game about luck and bluffing
Strip Poker Exclusive 2
Strip Poker Exclusive 2 delux
Strip Poker Exclusive 2 very exciting poker game.
RUMMY Card Game From Special K
RUMMY Card Game From Special K 3.14
This game plays the classic card games in the RUMMY family.
Tams11 Spades
Tams11 Spades
Classic game of Spades
Tams11 Hearts
Tams11 Hearts
Online version of the popular game Hearts.
Tams11 Up Stage
Tams11 Up Stage
Card game similar to contract rummy.
Pitch 2.0
Pitch, also known as Auction Pitch and High-Low-Johnny is a fun card game.
500 Card Game From Special K Software
500 Card Game From Special K Software 6.15
This game plays the classic card game of FIVE HUNDRED.
Tams11 Cribbage
Tams11 Cribbage
Tams11 version of the popular game Cribbage.
Cheat Solitare
Cheat Solitare 1.06
Haven't you ever wanted to cheat while playing Windows' solitare? Now you can.
Oasis-Poker Pro
Oasis-Poker Pro 2013-09-05
Powerfull tool for professional play poker against casino.
Hand Foot Canasta
Hand Foot Canasta 4.14
2 handed game of Hand & Foot Canasta, Won/lost totals, Sound on/off.
Wutch 1.3
An unusual game matching cards by pictures and tokens to make money.
Master Cribbage
Master Cribbage 4.0
Strong cribbage playing bot.
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