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Backgammon A
Backgammon A 1
The object of the game is to be the first to get all y
Lucky Lotto
Lucky Lotto 2.0
An entertaining lotto picker game. It automatically picks numbers for you.
Rubber Bridge Tallies
Rubber Bridge Tallies 1.0
This program will print Rubber Bridge Tallies from 3 to 8 rounds and 2 to 23
MB Celtic Ogham Oracle
MB Celtic Ogham Oracle 1.10
MB Celtic Ogham Oracle is an oracle based on the Celtic Alphabet.
Memory 2
Memory 2 2.9.1
Light up the color bulbs in sequence.
Predator and mosquito
Predator and mosquito z10
predator and mosquito. Look how live a mosquito -predator
Memory 1.9.1
Test your memory by matching the objects.
Secret Desires
Secret Desires 6.5.1
A sexy game for two lovers to enjoy together - very configurable.
Logic Briks game
Logic Briks game 1
Make 3 stones at one line the same color.
Mosquito and tourist
Mosquito and tourist 010
predator and mosquito. Look how live a mosquito -predator
MB Daily Numerology
MB Daily Numerology 1.15
MB Daily Numerology gives a lucky number reading for the chosen day.
Knowledge Quiz
Knowledge Quiz 1.0
Knowledge quiz has seven categories of knowledge and 2000 questions.
wheeling systems software for lotto games
Sudoku A
Sudoku A 1
Use our site to improve your game. For the best coverage on V
JEyes 0.2
A pair of eyes follow you as you work
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