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MB Numerology Software
MB Numerology Software 1.40
This software enables a person to calculate his/her "Name & Birth Number"
Personal Numerologist
Personal Numerologist 5.1.4
Create numerology personality, compatibility and forecast reports, and charts
Lucky Winner DSPP
Lucky Winner DSPP 1.0
Lucky Winner Helps You Win Any Game! Try the demo then buy. WIN/MAC
Numerology 369
Numerology 369 1.2
Professional numerology software featuring four different numerology systems.
MB Podomancy
MB Podomancy 1.10
This is a feet divination software that reveals more about your personality.
MB Astrology Natal Chart
MB Astrology Natal Chart 1.65
This is an advanced Western Astrology birth or natal chart generator tool.
MB Chinese Astrology Software
MB Chinese Astrology Software 1.95
This is a Chinese zodiac cum I-Ching reading Software.
MB Zodiacal Suite
MB Zodiacal Suite 1.25
This program is a combination suite of different zodiacal signs softwares.
MB Iranian Astrology
MB Iranian Astrology 1.10
MB Iranian Astrology tells you about your Iranian astrology sign and personality
MB Zodiac Rebellion Sign
MB Zodiac Rebellion Sign 1.25
This displays your rebel sign based on the placement of Uranus in birth chart.
Lal Kitab Explorer
Lal Kitab Explorer 1
Astrology software based on the Lal Kitab system. Detailed charts, predictions.
MB Mayan Astrology
MB Mayan Astrology 1.95
This is a Mayan Astrology Day Sign and Day Number interpretation Software.
MB Personal Aspects Number
MB Personal Aspects Number 1.45
This software calculates your Personal Aspects Number.
MB Celtic Animal Birth Sign
MB Celtic Animal Birth Sign 1.15
MB Celtic Animal Birth Sign finds your Celtic animal sign from your birthday.
Get It Done DSPP
Get It Done DSPP 1.0
DEMO - Get It Done! DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message Time Management Software
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