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Digital Physiognomy
Digital Physiognomy 1.79
Amazing face reading software. This is both entertaining and enlightening.
MB Tarot Reading Software
MB Tarot Reading Software 1.55
MB Free Tarot Reading Software is a mystic tarot card reading divination tool.
MB Zodiac Rising Sign
MB Zodiac Rising Sign 1.25
This is a Western zodiac rising sign program that shows your outer personality.
StarLove 5
StarLove Birth Chart Matching software for lovers and friends
MB Numerology Pro Software
MB Numerology Pro Software 1.95
This software is an extensive free numerology report generating software.
Desktop Lunar Calendar
Desktop Lunar Calendar 1.68
Desktop Lunar Calendar is simple, fun and easy to use calendar, download now!
MB Karmic Astrology
MB Karmic Astrology 1.45
A astrological software that tells you about your present life 'Karma'.
MB Complete Numerology Software
MB Complete Numerology Software 2.10
This is a free numerology report generator and dictionary software.
Graphic and Textual Subliminal Messages
Graphic and Textual Subliminal Messages 1.0
Combines two subliminal messaging technologies
Personal Lunar Organizer
Personal Lunar Organizer 1.12.0
Get a lunar calendar to organize your daily activities around moon phases.
MB Zodiac Signs Software
MB Zodiac Signs Software 2.05
This software determines your Zodiac sign from your date of birth.
VeBest Numerology for Mac
VeBest Numerology for Mac 6.5.8
Mac Numerology software for chart calculation, prediction and compatibility
Biorhythms Plus! 2008
Biorhythms Plus! 2008 1.0
Chart, compare, and analyze your biorhythms using revolutionary new software.
MB Rashi
MB Rashi 1.85
MB Free Rashi is a rashi calculator software based on Vedic Astrology.
MB Vedic Ascendant
MB Vedic Ascendant 1.85
MB Free Vedic Ascendant is a vedic ascendant calculator.
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