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MB Psychic Test Software
MB Psychic Test Software 1.95
MB Psychic Test Software tests your psychic abilities and skills
Attraction Law Dreamboard
Attraction Law Dreamboard 2.0
Law of attraction dream-board builder, very useful for visualization
Advanced Biorhythms
Advanced Biorhythms 2011.2.5
Handy biorhythms calendar, advice of the day and compatibility test
MB Chinese Astrology Software
MB Chinese Astrology Software 1.95
This is a Chinese zodiac cum I-Ching reading Software.
Biorhythms Calculator
Biorhythms Calculator 2.8
Calculates and displays biorhythm graphs.
MB Gemology
MB Gemology 2.05
This is an advanced and a complete gemology reference tool.
El Horóscopo de los Números
El Horóscopo de los Números 5.0
Complete Traditional European Numerology. Configuable tables. Personality...
VIBio 1.2
Biorythms with diagramms and today's comments
MB Numerology Software
MB Numerology Software 1.40
This software enables a person to calculate his/her "Name & Birth Number"
MB Learn Astrology
MB Learn Astrology 1.15
MB Learn Astrology is a learn-and-test yourself astrology software.
Dream Angel Oracle
Dream Angel Oracle 1.0
Dream Angel Oracle Psychic Spiritual Reading Program DEMO.
MB Mayan Numerology
MB Mayan Numerology 1.15
MB Mayan Numerology generates your Day Number based on your date of birth.
MB Runes Software
MB Runes Software 1.75
This is a superb rune reading cum customized deck / spread creation software.
Personality quiz with colors
Personality quiz with colors 1.0
Amazing personality test. Extra accurate testing results.
MB Learn Tarot Software
MB Learn Tarot Software 2.00
This is an educational tool for learning and testing tarot card basics.
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