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Publisher's description

1T is an easy to use and powerful scheduler for starting applications, opening documents or Web pages, setting up reminders or wake up with music, or previewing the exact moon phase. Executable only 120 KB. Start once, countdown, or recurring per second; or start after logon. Set process priority and window state.

Holiday support to run timers on business days only. Batch capable. Optimized timer control for easy usage.

12Ghosts Robo
A piece de resistance of the 12Ghosts collection. Never again move an Explorer window, for example, where you would like it to be. 12-Robo positions new windows for you. Never again click a button of a confirmation question. Let 12-Robo respond on...

SysTray Timer
Freeware - Automation/Timer/Scheduler. This incredibly small utility will start an application/alarm at every x minutes. Chose an interval (between 1 minute and infinite), choose the file to be run and that's all. Automation-scheduler tool.


Timer Screensaver
C Precision Timer
Facebook Timer
Timer On Refog
Cb Clock Timer

File: 12timer.exe

System Requirements

Windows XP, Pentium 4, 256 MB RAM

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