2 Levels Accordion Menu

Publisher's description

This is a two level vertical menu. It is dynamically created from a XML file, where you can set the default item to open. The menu scrolls vertically if it doesn't fit in the viewing area.

You can use it for everything, check the help file for a few basic examples. It is easily customizable. Just edit the library symbols to change the colors, gradients etc. Resizing it is very easy: just resize the placeholder MovieClip located on the stage, from

Accordion Panel V3
The it is a professional accordion panel component, based on VAccordion Panel Pro V2 (vertical) and HAccordion Panel Pro V2 (horizontal). The it supports both, vertical and horizontal orientation, using a simple XML...

Mini Accordion Site
Very Easy to customize - XML driven all contents - Flash MX 2004 & Flash 8 FLA versions included. mcTween is included - All content within the "site" movieclip is always centered on the stage - When resized the content slides to center with a nice...

Accordion Banner Rotator
Banner accordion with each page timer. You set the timer, title, information in the XML file. Variables that you can change in the. FLA file: width set the width of the accordion; height set the height of the accordion; bwidth set the width for each...

Flash Accordion DW Extension
This amazing, elegant extension can be used to create a banner, news scroller, gallery, one-level menu or just a beautiful flash element for your webpage. The extension creates a modern and stylish accordion effect resulting in a professional and...


Oj Accordion Menu
Accordion Menu Html Free
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Accordion Menu Download Free

File: 2-Levels-Accordion-Menu_4127.html?ref=flashstore

System Requirements

Flash Player 7 and above

actionscript 2 0, actionscript 3 0, flash components
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