Publisher's description

The easiest way to build Undetectable Botnet
CS is toolkit that provide a bot creation all of the tools required to build and administer a botnet.

CSBuilder tool allows to create the executables that will be used to infect Target computers. You can create Bot Instantly using thist tool with

PC Spy Software
In comparison to CasperSpy is the best suitable solution for organizations that are striving hard to achieve the lost productivity level. It helps the organization to keep an eye on its employees’ desktop activities and record them. These recorded activities...

Nokia Phone Spy
Install our intelligent software on any of these Nokia GSM handsets (listed below) and you will be able to dial in and listen to the surrounding sounds and conversations coming from around the target phone from ANYWHERE in the world without any...

Classroom Spy Professional
The Classroom Spy allows you to see live screens of remote computers or show you screen to students. You can take control of a remote computer by controlling the mouse and keyboard. This way, you can always watch what users are doing on the remote...

Spytech Spy Suite
SpyAgent, when combined with our award-winning SpyAnywhere software solution, becomes the most powerful and robust remote monitoring and administration software available anywhere. SpyAgent integrates seamlessly with SpyAnywhere, allowing you to...

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System Requirements

Windows 98 / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win 8, 8.1 (same as 32-bit, as 64-bit) CPU 2 GHz, RAM

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