DbMouse PRO

Publisher's description

Modern ribbon-based data manipulation tool for Microsoft SQL Server. Quick database browser. Query designer (SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT). Table designer. Advanced GPS visualiser. Database object editor. Search in database model. Master/detail views.

Advanced data filtering. Export, import. Exports can be saved as jobs. DbShell console. Database diagrams. Local storage for table data. Data widgets. Object browser.

TextPipe Pro
Slam-dunk the most challenging edit tasks with it - a powerful text-processing utility that combines 270+ conversion, transformation, extraction and report mining operations on multiple text or binary files. Update web sites using...

Mergemill Pro
In comparison to DbMouse PRO is a versatile data processing tool. Users may use it to reap the many benefits of generating static web pages, cleanse and de-duplicate data to improve data quality, analyze website traffic logs to obtain crucial web stats, do survey...

dbQwikEdit PRO
Suitable for both novice users and power users. Works with all databases including: mySQL, Oracle, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MS SQL Express, Fox Pro, sybase, postgress, dbase, DB2 and any ADO or ODBC compliant database. Working with databases has...

ResumeGrabber Pro
A resume extraction, parser software that imports resumes from search engines, job boards and automates resume data entry, resume mining, resume screening and transfers them to your database. This hr recruiting and hr...

Database converter which performs MySQL to PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL to MySQL conversion. Features: Unicode Support, Primary keys and Indexes conversion, Interactive (GUI)/command line mode, Built-in scheduler, Renaming of...


Powerplayer Pro
Safehouse Pro
Reaconverter 4 0 Pro
Logmein Pro 2
Karaokemedia 3 0 Pro

File: dbmouse.msi

System Requirements

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

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