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A simple and easy to use working time tracking software. It can track the time consumption of your works exactly by hours, minutes, seconds, days, even weeks, months, years. All numbers (hours, minutes...) are refreshed automatically, you can also adjust the frequency. It tracks your work time exactly by Start, Pause, Continue and Stop commands, and provides you with the quick and advanced filters to help you to find the passed works.

IP Overtime Tracker
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Time Station
Time calculator and spreadsheet, graph, saving and export to csv, MySQL and HTML. Serial port access, score window, auto logging. No timer limit, precision of 1, 10 or 100 milliseconds, software calibration. Simple entering of time values, auto...

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C-Value!, Time Value of Money Calculator
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File: xixi-work-time-tracker.zip

System Requirements

.NET 2.0 or later.

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