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HotKey Program, Launch applications, documents, and URLs, and over 80 other actions to hot keys

- Control your Winamp player
- Hide application windows
- Open, Play and close your CD-ROM
- Change the volume, mute
- Logon and Power management
- Open dialup connections
- Empty recycle bin
- Create New Folder
- Lock/Unlock Desktop
- Show/Hide Windows
- Show/Hide Icons from Desktop
- Restart Explorer
- Lock/Unlock Mouse
- more...

Keyboard Shortcut
Open Programs and pass command line arguments with a simple key press on the keyboard. Create Shortcuts / Hot Keys to Launch applications / open document files by pressing user defined hot key / it. its created in this...

Aquarius Soft PC Keyboard Hotkey Pro
Aquarius Soft PC Keyboard Hotkey (Global Keyboard Shortcut) Professional is a simple, useful and yet powerful computer keyboard utility that helps you activate events quickly with just one key combination. No longer you need to make lots of mouse...


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