Active Strip Poker
Harem Games Entertainment

Publisher's description

ASP is a free version of the popular Strip Poker game. ASP objective is to completely strip the top model by obtaining five-card poker hands that contain at least the lower combination on the pay table (a pair of Jacks or better).

Every time you win and have cash that at least doubles the strip sum you can proceed to undress the model a step further.

Pinup Strip Poker
In comparison to Active Strip Poker invites you to play draw poker against nine different strongly playing beauties. Each female opponent has individual strengths and weaknesses. A detailed tutorial teaches the inexperienced player the rules in the view of many...

Strip Poker Exclusive 2
A sequel of a excellent strip poker simulation game. In this game, you can challenge 7 completely new girls in a exciting poker game. Every girl has her own secrets and surprises for the player. But there's nothing for free, so you'll have to cut a...

Video Strip Poker Supreme
A strip poker PC game with interactive, speaking girls. The in-game video is state-of-the-art quality with high resolution big screen: no more small, low quality, video windows where you could hardly see the opponent.

Strip Poker Supreme Pack 6
Strip poker game with real, sexy girls and hot interactive video. In this pack you can choose from 6 beautiful opponents to undress. Two girls play as a duo! Each girl makes hundreds of sexy gestures trying to seduce you, bluffs and talks dirty too!...


Fsx Active Active Camera Free Download
Free Poker Bot 770 Poker
Active Dancer 2 44
Active Axis X
Active Keyboard 3 0

File: ActiveStripPoker.exe

System Requirements

Internet access

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