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Employee Desktop Live Viewer is very efficient tool to monitor every employee activities in the IT organizations. It helps you in continuously monitoring employee activities during official hours and enable strictly implement the company’s IT policy on all user desktops. Employee Computer monitoring software also tracks and records every user activity in stealth and invisible modes to ensure complete privacy

PC Monitoring Software
In comparison to Activity Monitoring Software help the organizations especially large IT companies in boosting employee productivity. It monitors every employee activity such as web history, music/video downloads, online file transfers and others. Moreover, Employee...

MajMonitoring Monitoring Software
With the popularity of the Internet, parents pay more attention on family network monitor. Employers also need powerful software to monitor their employees’ work. With MajMonitroing, you can stop worrying about network take negative impact to kids...

Monitor PC Activity
Centralized PC activity monitoring tool significantly reduce misuse of office computers for unproductive purposes. It monitors employee computer from a centralized network location and also records computer activities of employees in AVI file format.

Monitor Computer Activity
Employee computer monitoring software is competent enough to record desktop activities of single or multiple users in AVI video format. It can schedule offline recording of specific client server when administrator is not available for monitoring.


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System Requirements

Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 10 MB

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