Advanced Active Slideshow.NET for Visual Studio

Advanced Active Slideshow.NET for Visual Studio download locations Advanced Active Slideshow.NET for Visual Studio 1.2 Advanced Active Slideshow.NET for Visual Studio 1.2

Publisher's description

Bring your photos to life in an amazing slideshow. This control uses amazing effects from the famous director, Ken Burns. The slideshow slowly zooms in and pans across your photos, bringing your photos to life. Furthermore, you can add your favourite sound or music track, making it the most enjoyable slideshow ever! The control allows you to create and customize your slideshow within a few clicks.

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Aquasoft Slideshow Studio 6 4 03

File: ActiveSlideShow120TrialSetup.msi

System Requirements

VS 2005,VS 2008,VWD 2005 Express Edition,VWD 2008 Express Edition

ken burns
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