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AMC is really smart and powerful tool that can simulate a lot of mouse actions. Including mouse clicks, mouse movements, mouse dragging, mouse scrolling and so on. And it has an "eye" that allows it to see the screen.

With the eye, it can search a small picture on the screen to locate a point. It can automate many tasks and save your time and effort.

Auto Mouse Clicker
In comparison to Advanced Mouse Clicker Software to Click Mouse Automatically at configured screen co-ordinates. Let the Software do auto mouse clicks and give your fingers a rest. Automate Left or Right clicks of mouse cursor and even do step by step clicks.

Free Mouse Clicker
An easy-to-use tool that can click automatically on locations that you defined. It can free your hands and save your time. It's used to automate screen mouse clicks at specified intervals and any location on the screen

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker
A keyboard and mouse recorder tool used to record mouse movements, mouse clicks, keystroke and repeat them at any time and as any times as you want. It also can auto type text you want. And it can be used to click at...

Super Mouse Auto Clicker
Used to auto click mouse at defined location. Use it utility to automatically help you refresh a web browser, open many instances of another program, or anything else that you can think of that would...


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File: AdvancedMouseClicker.exe
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