All In 1 Keylogger
All In One Keylogger

Publisher's description

All In One Keylogger implements the state-of-art technology, and guarantees you full control over your computer.

Have you ever thought what site your children are surfing when you are not at home? Who the 'girlfriend' your wife is chatting with all the time really is? What your employees are doing when you are not at home? Now you can monitor chats,e-mails,keystrokes typed,desktop activities, microphone...It can even send you logs by email/FTP.

XP Keylogger
In comparison to All In 1 Keylogger records everything that is entered from the keyboard, to log file. Documents, e-mails, chat conversations, typed URL addresses, passwords, and Internet forms will be recorded neatly. caps, symbols, and backspaces will also be processed.

Best Keylogger
Www. best-spy-soft. com website provides users with it application which tracks URL typed by guest user on your PC. Simple keylogger utility records each email sent from your PC by unauthorized user in your absence

OS X Keylogger
Technically powerful Mac it software provides straight forward solution to that entire user who wants to investigate their kids, spouse, employees or family member PC activities including typed passwords, website visited, chat...

Basic it application very effective to captures all key press activities of user on working time in internet and desktop systems without appearing in start menu. Key logger software record entire several users chat conversation with key press...


Registration Ultimate Keylogger Screenshot Ultimate Keylogger
Keylogger Rapid
Mini Keylogger
Golden Keylogger V1 32
Actual Keylogger 2 3

File: keysetup.exe

System Requirements

Pentium 133, 32MB of RAM

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