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Create and maintain professional banners, advertisements and other commercial animations. Object-based design makes creating complex animations quick and easy, with a very short learning curve. An intuitive, visual user interface eliminates the need to understand how GIF and other animation files work to get professional results.

The engaging, easy-to-follow tutorial will get you up to speed quickly. Exports to GIF, MNG, SWF, AVI and MOV.

CoffeeCup Animation Studio
With Animation Studio, you can create clever animated graphics that demand the attention that your website deserves. Add images to build brand new animations, or open an animated image you already own to edit each frame and make unique adjustments.

Animation Maker in Silverlight
Quicker for Silverlight remains the method of Flash creating, such as timeline, library, drawing tools, so it is the best option for Silverlight animation design featured with advanced function, low cost and easy to master.

3D Architecture Animation Creator
In comparison to AMC Animation Workshop is a plugin which can help designers quickly create animations, specially for architecture growing animations. By using it, we can fast create position, rotation, scale, as well as visibility animations for several...

Aurora 3D Animation Maker
Easy Make 3D Movie Title, Intro text and Logo Animation! Quickly Design your own Animation for Video and Website! Export to Video, GIF, SWF or Image Sequences and used on design or video edit software. Compatible with iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere,...


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