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Publisher's description

Enhance your web pages, presentations and videos with 20 animated technology elements, each of them configurable to your requirements. Sharp, cool and hard to ignore, the Technology #1 plugin includes Alien Overflight, Altimeter, Audio Spectrum, VU Meters, Bar Graph, Bubble Chamber, Countdown, Extraterrestrial Data Pad, Lissajous Figure, Magic Eye, Tachometer and more.

This plugin installs in GIF Construction Set 3 and PNG-MNG Construction Set 2.

AMC 3D Effects 1 Plugin
Control the appearance, lighting and images of these 3D objects. An intuitive user interface and the easy-to-follow tutorial will get you up to speed in minutes. This plugin installs in GIF Construction Set 3 and PNG-MNG Construction Set 2,...

AMC Buttons 2 Plugin
The Buttons #2 plugin features sixteen extreme button styles. Each one is infinitely configurable to create graphics that stand out like a laser with brand new batteries. This plugin can be installed in GIF Construction Set 3 and PNG/MNG...

AMC Elements 1 Plugin
The Elements #1 plugin set includes RIPPLE - raindrops fall on the surface of your graphics; LAKE - reflect images in an animated body of water; PAGE CURL - display still images which transition through curling paper; PYROTECHNICS - add a fireworks...


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File: technology1plugin.exe

System Requirements

AMC GIF Construction Set Pro 3 or AMC PNG-MNG Construction Set 2 installed

gif construction set, mindworks
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