Android SMS Message
Android SMS message

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Incredible message broadcasting application is able to deliver funny jokes, poll info, weather reports etc to individual or group of contacts in just few seconds. Impressive android SMS message software is devised for sending bulk business related messages such as job alerts, meeting schedules, product details etc.

Freeware group text messaging program is simple and easy medium for you to send seasonal greetings, best wishes to your loved ones.

SMS Message Software for Android
Com website presents Easy to install it to convey meeting alert sms, job alert to worldwide or national mobile phone without help of internet gateway. Effective SMS sending software provides easy way to promote your...

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Bulk android text message software forward thousands of greeting and business product information to worldwide user without any delay from Macintosh OS support device. Android free text message program provide delivery status of each SMS when...

Online SMS Message
Creative it software enables user to forward mass amount of text message from your computer machine to mobile phones by simply attaching any GSM technology based cell phone to your laptop or computer system. Cost effective bulk SMS...

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Easy to handle it software provides an attractive solution for all business firm by sending product advertisement, promotional detail, business notification, stock market information, brand awareness, price updating, tax detail...


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File: Bulk-SMS-Android-Demo.exe

System Requirements

256 MB RAM, 10 MB disk space

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