Animated Screensaver Maker

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Publisher's description

With ASM you can beautify your desktop with an unlimited number of animated screensavers with amazing effects. It’s very easy. You need only three mouse clicks to create a new screensaver.

Just load your picture into the tool, adjust animation parameters and click the button to build a screensaver. You can animate any picture you have.

My Screensaver Maker
It's a tool with which you can make and distribute your own screensaver. Just drag and drop the images and flashes you want and you can make your own professional screensaver in senconds. And if you'd like to share it with your friends, just make it...

Flash Screensaver Maker
Flash Screensavers Maker lets you create professional windows screen saver which carries powerful settings from Macromedia Flash movies. If you want to package many flash movies, please select Flash Screensavers Maker. Simply import your Flash...

AJ Screensaver Maker Professional
AJ Screensaver Maker help you make your own scrensavers. Just collect images,flashes and video file,without any professional skill,you can create your own professional screensaver. It also help you share it with your frields by create a single...

Aquarium Screensaver Maker
In comparison to Animated Screensaver Maker is an easy-to-use tool that helps you create custom aquarium screensavers from your own photos. You can use any pictures as the background, add any number of fish from the built-in list, or draw and add you own fish.


Animated Futa Screensaver
Us Marines Animated Screensaver
Animated Widescreen Screensaver
Animated Hogwarts Screensaver
Barney Animated Screensaver

File: ss_maker.exe
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