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WAV merger software merges two or more recorded WAVE format audio files into one large size WAVE file. WAV combiner utility combines unlimited WAV sound with a combined size of GB. Wave joining tool concatenates multiple WAV into bigger WAV format.

No matter what input wav formats are, such as different sample frequency, channels or bits per sample. Wav Merger application can combine or join them to one wav file with same parameter.

WAV Merger Software
In comparison to Apex WAV Merger is merging multiple wave audio files into single file without degrading its sound quality. Freeware WAVE combining joining program tool is able to handle several large size audio files to add into big wav file and save it at user...

Apex WAVE Merger
WAVE merger software can join arrange add multiple audio file into the single WAV sound files. This application can provide best GUI and work’s simple easy and very quick addition. WAV sound Joiner is used to combine many recorded WAV format sound...

Apex WAV Joiner
It also known as WAV combiner, WAV merger, WAV concatenates, WAV assembler, WAV adder, etc. It assembles in same parameter such as different sample frequency, bits per seconds and channels. User can get a managed WAV (waveform-Audio format) file...

WAVE Merger
WAV files joiner organizer merger is able to combine multiple large size files to add into big wav file and save it at user defined area. Joining combining merging program makes you to able to handle and join add concatenate several wave sound files...


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File: apx-wm-demo.exe

System Requirements

Pentium class processor, 128MB RAM, 5 MB free disk space, .Net Framework 2.0 or more

combining, concatenate, organizing
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