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Ares is a peer to peer file sharing program that allows users to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software, documents, etc. You may now easily publish your files through the Ares decentralized network.

As a member of the virtual community, you can search and download just about any file shared by other users.

In comparison to it Vista for Windows Vista is the latest version of the popular peer to peer file sharing program. it uses the decentralized it network with a Bittorrent plugin, for distributing files. Users of the it software can download any type of file

Ares Download
The latest version of the popular p2p file sharing application that over 60% of internet users have on their computers. it was taken from the core of Ares Galaxy and all bugs and connection issues fixed

Ares Galaxy PRO
Itfessional Edition is currently one of the most demanded BitTorrent file sharing clients around. It has a straightforward, yet likeable, easy to use interface and requires low CPU. Movies, Mp3s, books they're all now easier to download...

Ares Galaxy EZ Booster
A highly effective add-on for Ares Galaxy P2P client created for an automatic increase of the download process; it is absolutely easy to install and use and once you have done that you will find the files you want with far...


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File: OfficialAresSetup.exe

System Requirements

128 MB of RAM, 2 GB disk space for storing digital media, internet connection, preferably broadband

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