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Publisher's description

AC is a Free, Open Source Windows clock replacement. It's super customizable, comes with a great Alarm Management system, has Atomic Clock, clock labels customizations and even an Alarm Synchronization tool which can be used to sync multiple installations! You can use AC to shut down your computer at a certain time or even start or stop programs.

The alarms can be repetitive, their appearance and sound can be fully customized.

DS Clock
In comparison to ASD Clock is a digital desktop clock that displays variable date, time, and time zone information built from a format string. The program allows you to customize its look and feel, and can synchronize your computer's clock with Atomic Time Servers.

Alarm Clock
Download it Software utility to setup an Alarm easily on your Windows Computer. it supports speaking Text and playing. wav file. Snooze Operation is supported by the it. The Alarm for your PC at defined time can be...

Chronos Clock
For you !! Whether it's business, family or chat friends, it, is the perfect program. Chronos. The clock that`s able to display multiple clocks with different time zones. Other features include a powerful alarm system,...

Desktop Clock
- is analog clock application for windows XP/2000. With it - you will always know exact time. You will never miss an important meeting. Download and enjoy! It has flexible settings, which allow to customize it as you like.


Cb Clock Timer
Click Clock
R4 Skins With Clock
Sidebar Clock 3 3
Weather Clock 3 3

File: ASDClockSetup.exe

System Requirements

Windows NT 5.x

alarm clock, atomic clock
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