AstroAvenger download locations AstroAvenger 1.70

Publisher's description

Looking for a space shooter that will surprise you? AA features cool graphics, excellent sound effects and groovy sound track. The game employs an advanced upgrade and power-up system that allows you to buy new types of weapons, ammo, armor and batteries as you advance from one level to another.

Fighting takes place in five distinct space galaxies with a total of 50 levels. There are over 25 different enemy ships types to combat.

Street Avenger
In comparison to AstroAvenger is an action game for free. In this game, the only thing you should pay attention is how to beat the enemies, is how to kick all of the opponent's asses, is what is the boss weakness, where is the sweet spot. Don't let too much trivia...

File: astroavenger_demo.exe

System Requirements

CPU: 700MHz; RAM: 64Mb; DirectX 8.0

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