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Publisher's description

ALE gathers contact information from websites so you can contact them via email, phone, Skype or ICQ. ALE is made for proactive marketers who want to quickly find leads for their business.

ALE gathers email addresses, phone numbers and IM contacts within website or by a keyword search in any search engine.

Atomic Whois Explorer
In comparison to Atomic Lead Extractor is designed to search through global WHOIS database to automate the process of extracting contact information of domain name administrators or website owners. Current version of the program is capable of retrieving email...

Atomic Subscription Manager
A mailing list management utility. Once installed, this program automatically handles all user requests to subscribe/unsubscribe to/from the mailing list. The number of mailing lists that can be maintained is not...

Atomic Email Hunter
So is it a dead-end? No way! Presenting Email Hunter, the innovative software solution for extracting e-mail addresses from your target-audience relevant web sites! it allows extraction of e-mail addresses from web sites basing on...


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File: AtomicLeadExtractor.exe

System Requirements

Pentium or higher, Internet connection

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