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Just play audio stream you want to record and click the "Record" button! ARFF will help you record sounds from your favorite music video, Internet broadcasts, or programs like Real Player, CDs, microphones, vinyl records, and other input lines on a sound card. ARFF uses a virtual sound card to record any audio played through your computer''s sound card, preserving 100% of the original audio quality.

Free Audio Recorder
In comparison to Audio Recorder for Free is a powerful sound recording tool that enables you to record any music in real-time from microphone, musicale, Windows Media Player or anywhere you hear! The recorded audio file can be automatically converted to MP3, WMA, OGG,...

Weeny Free Audio Recorder
WeenyFree Audio Recorder records audio from any sources on your computer such as sound card, CD player, microphone, line-in device etc. You can use it to record any audio including music being played, for instance, in Windows...

DeGo Free Audio Voice Recorder
DeGo Audio Recorder can record sound from any audio ports such as microphones, line-in audio, streaming audio from the Internet and audio from Winamp, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Flash and games. Our Audio Recorder can record and...

MC Audio Recorder
An easy-to-work-with audio software you can use to record sounds from an extremely various sources like audio CDs, DVDs , TV, audio tapes, online radio, live performances, video games. You can store those sounds on your computer...


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File: AudioRecorderforFree.exe

System Requirements

CPU: IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 (2GHz) or AMD AthlonTM XP 2800+ (2.2GHz); RAM: 512MB

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