Automatically Close Software Windows Close Programs and Close Popups
Automatically Close Software Windows Cl

Automatically Close Software Windows Close Programs and Close Popups download locations Automatically Close Software Windows Close Programs and Close Popups 9.0

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Do you need any easy way of closing multiple browser windows or multiple files at once? Or, do you want to make sure certain windows are not opened? If so, then this software is for you. Using this software: Specify full or partial window titles to close Using this software, you would simply enter the title of the window that would popup (which works for windows applications as well

Automatically Unzip Files Software
Sitting minimized in the toolbar (at the bottom right corner of the screen), it will monitor a folder for the entry / creation of zip files. When a zip file is detected, it will become automatically unzipped. You can choose to unzip to a new...

Automatically Take Screenshots and Capture Screenshots for Windows PC
If you want to take screenshots automatically, then this automatic screenshot saver is for you! With this software: Easily create walk-through demos for products or services that you offer! With this screenshot maker, you can easily set the timing...

Automatically back up files to your own folder at regular intervals
Do you have a number of different files that you need backed up on a regular basis? Perhaps you make changes, and want to make snapshots of the files? Or, you just want a backup constantly made of any work that you have? If so, then this software is...

MS Word Auto Save and Backup Files Automatically
Do you work in Microsoft Word a lot, and wish there was some way to backup your document as you wrote it? Or, do you find sometimes that you ve been writing a while, but then wish you could access a previous revision because you forgot what you...


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Srt So Close
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Huge Minora Close

File: closewindowpopupseval.exe

System Requirements


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