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In today's business world, accepting checks is commonplace. The BCL software helps businesses to be in compliance with bad check collection laws, and also maximize the fees allowed for recovering bounced checks.

The BCL is an easy to use program that allows you to research bad check Laws by State. These bad check laws are printable, and can be very useful if you are trying to recover bounced checks.

California Collections Laws
In comparison to Bad Check Laws is an easy to use program that allows research the California State Collection Laws, including: California Bad Check Laws, California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the California Statute of Limitations for debt...

Texas Collection Laws
Texas Collections Laws is an easy to use program that allows research the Texas State Collection Laws, including: Texas Bad Check Laws, Texas Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the Texas Statute of Limitations for debt collections.

Instant Check
If you are in business you need a program that allows you to create a check and deposit it without waiting for the mail to arrive or hoping that your client will remember to send you one. it is now available for you to try for ten days...

ezCheckPrinting Check Writer
EzCheckPrinting is a MICR check designing and printing software for any size business. It saves your money by allowing you design, writing and printing professional-looking check with logo and signature in house. It prints business checks on blank...


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