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Publisher's description

Bluetooth Advertising Software is a bluetooth advertising marketing software application that allows businesses to deliver advertising files direct to consumers' cell phones and mobile devices via bluetooth. Bluetooth Advertising Software automatically sends files to all Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as cell phones, PDAs, laptops and other within a range of bluetooth zone (approx.

100 - 150 metters).

Zonablu PC Bluetooth Marketing Software
Zonablu PC is a bluetooth marketing software developed to run proximity marketing campaigns and transmit messages free of charge to Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. The software is configurable with several variables for running campaigns and for...

Smart Bluetooth Marketing
It automatically sends promotional and advertising messages, business cards, event notifications to the mobile phones and all other bluetooth devices within a range of 10-100 meters. 2. It can receive files from your customers, that may be requests,...

TextBlue Bluetooth Proximity Marketing
Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Software, Use this software to send advertising messages directly to Mobile or Cell Phones. Install the software onto your Laptop or PC and advertise to all mobile phones with Bluetooth enabled that are in range.

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File: Bluetoothadvertisingsoftwaresetup.exe

System Requirements

.NET Framework 4.0, Bluetooth dongle

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