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BCLT are a set of command line utilities for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 which allow you to configure bluetooth adapter, discover remote bluetooth devices and their services, push files to remote devices through OBEX. All utilities can be launched from a batch script or manually from the Windows command prompt.

Bluetooth Driver Installer
Get Bluetooth to work with the Microsoft Bluetooth stack. This small freeware utility will try to install generic Microsoft driver for your bluetooth adapter. It works for most (but not all) bluetooth adapters, both USB dongles and built-in.

Bluetooth Stack Switcher
Switch between different bluetooth stacks in just several seconds or less, with two mouse clicks. No reboot required. Note, it does not contain any bluetooth drivers, all needed bluetooth stacks should be already installed and...

Line Trimmer
In comparison to Bluetooth Command Line Tools Software: trim spaces off millions of lines in a file

System Tools for Windows
Package of it, including OpenedFilesView for viewing the list of all opened files in your system, DriverView for viewing the list of loaded device drivers, RegScanner for searching entries in the Registry, SearchMyFiles -...


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File: BluetoothCLTools-

System Requirements

Microsoft bluetooth stack compatible Bluetooth adapter

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