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BSW software allows user to import contact numbers from phone book and send messages including news to group of people all over world. Mobile application software facilitates user to send job, event alerts to your friends and colleagues from your computer without requiring internet gateway.

Bulk sms marketing software empowers business owners to upgrade your sales by sending product launch alerts to specific consumers.

Windows Bulk SMS
Download it tool from www. sendbulksms. org which is used to delivers single text messages to large volume of people or individual and also support Unicode character (English or Non-English). SMS gateway software helps to send massive...

Bulk SMS Windows Mobile
Advance it program is useful for companies to deliver product details to targeted consumers cell phones at free of cost. Advance and simple mass text messaging utility is created to transmit well wishes messages to your all...

Bulk SMS
In comparison to it Windows application is a way to convey same information to large number of contact from USB modem connected to computer without requiring any internet connection. Group Text messages allows you to connect targeted customer by sending bulk text...

Bulk SMS from PC
Creative it program empowers user with efficient tool and features to publish mass quantity of messages to national and international contacts having support for all major mobile network connection provider worldwide.


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Bulk Sms Software
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File: Bulk-SMS-Windows-Mobile-phone-demo.exe

System Requirements

256 MB RAM, 10 MB free disk space

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