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Amazing Duplicate file finder utility

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Duplicate file finder utility software to find identical duplicates on your computer! Using this software, you can: * Quickly find files based on file size * Apply a 'fast' checksum algorithm to identically sized files to find out whether content is identical * Ability to quickly and easily select the files you wish to delete and remove * Visually preview file headers, 'just in case' to see if files match * Plus much mo

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Find and remove duplicate mp3 files using this duplicate mp3 file finder! Some of the features include: * Ability to recursively search directories for identical mp3 files to delete and send to the recycle bin * Ability to apply a checksum and check...

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Remove or delete duplicate lines or duplicate words or whitespace from multiple files softwareRemove duplicates, duplicate lines, duplicate words, excess whitespace and more from one or many different text files. Create a backup file, or overwrite...

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Have you ever wanted to compare two different files quickly, but haven't had the tools you need? Then this software is for you! Download the file compare software for free and try it now! This software features: * The ability to easily compare two...

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Use this software to easily create multiple file folders from a text list or a list of text items! Simply browse for text files individually or with file wildcards, or cut and paste a list of text file paths. Then, click on the button and the...


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Free Download Of Duplicate File Finder And Removal For Xp

File: duplicatefilefinderevalsoftware.exe

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