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Do you have a large number of jpgs that you would like to reduce in size to save disk space? Or, are they too huge and you want to automatically resize them? If you do, or any other reason, then this software is for you! Using this jpg file size reducer and batch image resizer, you can: Select any number of jpg/jpeg images that you want to resize, and automatically reduce the file size in batch If you want to actually resize photos (say photogra

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Convert BMP to JPG JPEG in batch or mass conversion
If you have a bunch of bitmap files (BMP) just sitting around that you need converted to JPG, what better way to do it with than a mass BMP to JPG converter? With this software, you can easily: Select multiple BMP to convert to JPGs in seconds!...

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Gif Image Resizer To 240x400
Free Download Best Image Resizer For 240x400
Serial Number Evjo Photo Image Resizer V2 5

File: jpgfilesizereduceeval.exe

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compression, file format, reduction, shrinking
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