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Besides capturing basic Screens, Windows and rectangular areas, CE allows you to capture items in a variety of shapes. Optionally place borders around the shapes and choose a masking color for the exterior of the shape.

Some of the shapes available include rounded rectangles, circles, ellipses, diamonds, triangles, stars and other user defined shapes such as an octagon or house figure shape. Print, Save or E-Mail your captured images

In comparison to Capture Express is a simple to use free screen capture software tool that captures screenshots. Capture a. screenshot of the entire computer screen, last active screen, or selected area with a click of a button. This. freeware screen capture...

Any Capture Screen
Screen capture software that can capture and print your desired anything of screen such as active window, menu rectangle, square, ellipse, circle etc. , even surfaces of DVD players and video games, long pages with a vertical scroll bar.

Grabilla Capture
Capture and share screenshot or screencast in one click? You don't have to press print screen, edit or upload your picture, just run this simplest windows program to take screen-shot or screen-cast with single click and share it with friends.

Capture My Screen
So easy to use, you capture a particular window, a zone of your screen or the totality of the screen in 1 movement (mouse click or by your keyboard). Simple and lightweight in memory, it is immediately accessible since any application you are using.


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File: capex.exe

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