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Keystroke capture

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CK application is beneficial tool for office associates to track their employee working any unofficial task during office timings. Key logger software provides facility for distinct organization to track daily working of employees to identify their performance.

Key capture application helps common users to trace internet usage like chat, email, website URL, text messaging, etc. perform on personal computer in your absence.

Keystroke Capture
Easy to handle it software simply record entire pressed keyboard character such as numeric, functional, alphabetic in log file for later review. Professional keylogger utility provides an attractive solution for parents to easily find...

Keystroke Capture Tool
Keylogger is monitoring application that captures all keystroke such as number keys, functional keys, special character like tab, and shift etc from keyboard. Software automatically create password protected log file which contain all user activity...

Keystroke Spy
In comparison to Capture Keystroke is an extremely easy to use computer monitoring product. it, while being able to log all keystrokes typed by users without them knowing, can also be set capture screenshots of all activities. While allowing you to see who...

Keystroke Logger
Keyboard recorder record computer's keystrokes emails username password online chat and websites visited. PC monitoring software will display screenshots of what your employee’s activities. Application is useful for home users, business user, and...


Keystroke Recording
Secretly Record Every Keystroke
Keystroke Converter Torrent
Free Keystroke Logging
Track Keystroke Free

File: keylogger.exe

System Requirements

512MB RAM, 18MB Disk Space

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