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The Merge Gaming Network was formed in early 2007 with CP as its first member. CP has a fairly interesting history. The management of CP originally ran the poker room. What happened was that the management of ran into some marketing issues at live events.

The problem was that the “.com” suffix was required to be obscured at many live events due to online gambling advertisi

Notepad Poker
In comparison to Carbon Poker is a unique Texas Hold 'em poker game for Windows. The game is purely text based, and looks like it is running in Windows notepad! It allows you to play with up to eight other people over a local network

The History Of Poker
Learn about the rich history of poker from its beginnings to more recent times in this informative eBook. This eBook also explores various theories on how poker was originally invented and provides more detailed information on its increasing...

Poker Mavens
A play-money poker software system that lets friends, family, co-workers, club members, or even the general public play Texas Hold'em and Omaha against each other over the Internet or a local area network. Both ring (cash) game and...

Hollywood Poker
IF YOU ARE FROM THE US AND YOU WANT TO PLAY POKER ONLINE, WE RECOMMEND THE FOLLOWING POKER SITE THAT STILL ACCEPTS US PLAYERS:. Carbon Poker. it Review. it is one of the more trafficked poker rooms on the OnGame poker...


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Cb Carbon
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Cs Carbon Utorrent
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File: carbonpoker.exe

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Internet Connection

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