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Create autoplay CD presentations, brochures, business catalogs, menus. The user simply inserts the autorun/autostart CD or DVD and menus or Web-like pages are shown. All visual, no programming: automatic catalog creation with database import; photo album; can include video, music, hyperlinks, hot spots, popup windows, any buttons you want to launch files (PDF, PowerPoint, AutoCAD...). No browsers needed. Several secure protections...

AutoRun CD Menu
Create autorun CD and CD menu for your CD, DVD and USB easily and fast. Create and edit a professional autorun interface and generate autorun files for your CD, DVD and USB in a WYSIWYG environment

AutoRun Typhoon
Create Professional, secure, multimedia CD/DVD presentations. Autorun's easy-to-use interface and in program help system make creating projects quick and easy. From insuring your files will run on any system, to creating custom Menus and Buttons,...

Buy MS Word 2007 Ribbon to Old MS Word Classic Menu Toolbar Interface Software
Bring back the Microsoft Word 2003 menu using this great MS Word 2007 ToolBar/Interface Add-In! Using this software, you can instantly: * Get access to all the classic MS Word Menu functions through the classic menu style, instead of the new...


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System Requirements

ok on all MS Windows

auto run cd, autostart, interbase, order form, shopping cart
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