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CFAC is a suitable completely free product which used by click computer mouse button automatically and endlessly, it could imitate both left side click and right mouse click. You should only need to fix the time periods of regular click and tap your current preset hotkey, its going to click on without delay and regularly, and planning to pause this procedure when you finally tap the hotkey again.

Cok Free Auto Typer
It, free software to help you with text input. When you are bored by keeping typing the same text over and over again because of your job demand, just free download this software, it can help you get rid of this dull activity.

PCMate Free Auto Clicker
In comparison to Cok Free Auto Clicker - free mouse auto cliker software to automatically click mouse. If you click mouse frequently when playing game or working, this application can release your fingers and save time. This free auto clicker tool can simulate...

Free Mouse Auto Clicker
Itis a software that can free you from repeat mouse click work. It's simple but enough for normal use. And,it's FREE!

Auto Clicker
Download Mouse Clicker to keep your mouse clicking untill you stop it or for configurable mouse clicks. Automating Left Mouse Clicks with simple Shortcut was never so easy and easily controllable. Press the Keyboard Shortcut to Start it...


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File: autoclicker_setup.exe
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