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With 'CLFD' you can download files directly from windows command line (DOS prompt). Your can Call 'CLFD' from any software.

file include filter,file exclude filter, file size filter, last-modification time filter are supported by 'command line ftp download'.

Command Line Ftp
'it' is a rich command-line FTP software that is well suited to updating and downloading files with more filter options. 'it' allows to delete, rename, and copy files, create and delete directories on FTP servers.

Command Line Ftp Upload
With 'it' you can upload files directly from windows command line (DOS prompt). Your can Call 'it' from any software. wildcard file include filter and file exclude filter, file size filter, last-modification...

In comparison to Command Line Ftp Download is a lightning-fast FTP Client for transferring files between your computer and FTP Servers. it uses the multithreading to accelerate file transfers by automatically transferring multiple files in parallel. Users can browse and change...

BatchSync FTP
BatchSync is a high speed tool for automating remote server backups, file synchronization, copying, moving, and mirroring over FTP. It is designed to be run scheduled and unattended at the server, with extensive logging options and email...


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File: command-line-ftp-download.exe
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