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Find out how craps compares to other dice games in this eBook including various advantages of playing Craps both offline and online. You will also learn about a few variations of craps such as street craps, bank craps, Crapless Craps, Die Rich Craps, High Point Craps, New York Craps and Simplified Craps.

All the sections in the eBook are listed as follows: Introduction, Dice Games Comparison and Recommended Resources.

King Craps
Play a fun and exciting casino style craps dice game. Download a free copy of the shareware version today

1 Great Craps Game
The craps dealer recites each roll result and additionally has several game lessons that he explains in spoken English. The craps dealer and all other animated players are implemented as Microsoft agents, so can speak and show thoughts as the game...

MB Dice Divination
In comparison to Craps Compared To Other Dice Games is a divination software based on the method of divination by dice also known as Cleromancy. Dice Divination is a simple divining tool that helps you find solutions to your day-today problems. Dominoes and dice have been used as...

Maxi Dice
Enjoy two spectacular Yahtzee games in one! In it, you can play both normal Yatzy, and the more strategic Maxi Yatzy, a game with six dice and more categories to put points in. You can also play against up to three friends or compete against...


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