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Publisher's description

CST is an Internet Filtering, Application Blocking, Device Security Tool. CST blocks access to illegal file downloads and it also provides you increased protection with its EXE and Window Blocker which will prevent the usage of mis-usable software.

CST offers the solution that filters at the terminal server point to provide complete protection for threats that come through internet or emails.

Secure Lockdown
Inteset''s inexpensive it version 2. 0 is perfect for kiosk setups, digital signage, trade shows, library and school labs, Internet cafes, gaming centers, media centers and other applications. it removes the Windows Desktop...

Secure Folder Hider
Even links in your recent documents menu wont be able to find your hidden files!. For extra security, use a password to prevent anyone from accessing your files. You can run this software in stealth mode so that no one knows its there, and hide or...

Aston Secure Desktop
In comparison to CybSecureTS is a security build of Aston 1. x branch. It possesses all the features of regular Aston shell, but constrains the ability to alter the admin-defined settings. This restricted version is highly recommended to Internet-cafes and...

Max Folder Secure
A user-friendly program for password-protecting files and folders. It prevents unauthorized access to users important information and programs. The software makes the protected folders completely invisible, inaccessible or...


System Requirements

Windows Terminal Server

exe blocking, internet access control, internet filter
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