Dekart Password Carrier

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Publisher's description

DPC is a secure web form filler and password management tool that eases login procedures on the web and Windows applications and protects all passwords with strong encryption and biometric authentication.
Password Carrier supports all versions of Windows OS and provides protection of your confidential data and your online identity, protecting you against phishers, key loggers and other malicious software.

Password Guard
The it is an application that will store all your passwords in only one click. It uses strong encryption and your passwords will never be exposed to the public

Sticky Password
Speed up and secure online transactions with it 7. You get anytime, anywhere login and form-filling that's both safe and automatic, thanks to strong password creation, management and synchronization across all your devices.

IM Password Unlocker
In comparison to Dekart Password Carrier 3. 0 recovers popular instant messenger login passwords in an instant! It is small utility that recovers all user accounts (the user name and password) that ever logged on the machine. It recovers forgotten passwords to many...

Password Maintenance
Manage all your passwords and websites with the ability to encrypt your stored passwords. Even if your data is discovered it will not be readable. An option is also included to store all data on your thumb drive for better security, as the password...


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File: dpcarrier.exe

System Requirements

USB Flash drive. Operating System: Windows 98, NT4.0, 20, Windows Vista

password manager, save passwords
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