Desk Doctor Low Resolution Win
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Desk Doctor Low Resolution Win download locations Desk Doctor Low Resolution Win 1.3.1

Publisher's description

Desk Doctor gives you a new way to prevent and rehabilitate RSI at your desk. You avoid the chronic illnesses, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis, which are now workplace epidemics. Desk Doctor detects and rehabilitates problems even before you feel them.

First the program guides you through on-screen medical tests. Then Desk Doctor uses its built-in reasoning to compile the optimum video-guided exercise program to keep you healthy.

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File: Desk_Doctor_131_LowRes.exe

System Requirements

QuickTime; 256MB total memory; 18MB memory; 500MB disk space; 800X600 resolution

carpal tunnel, ergonomics, repetitive strain, stretches, tendonitis, workplace
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