Disc Battle
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cnet.com Disc Battle 1.1
winsite.com Disc Battle 1.1.0
windows8downloads.com Disc Battle 1.9.1

Publisher's description

Beat your rival with swift style in this exciting air hockey game! Your goal is to shoot the puck into the computer's goal, and at the same time prevent it from doing so. When the game opens, you will be given a table with two goals, with the one on the left as your goal and the right one belongs to the computer.

Two mallets are placed in front of the goals, and the puck is placed at the middle of the table. When you are ready, click the Yes butt


Vtr Disc
Slayer Disc Free
Psone Disc Burner
Thisarmor Disc Collection
Freeware Boot Disc

File: disc.exe

System Requirements

Adobe AIR runtime 2.5

action games, air hockey, arcade games, sports games
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