Double Snake
Novel Games Limited

Double Snake download locations Double Snake 2.10.2 Double Snake 1.21 Double Snake 1.1 Double Snake 1.1.0 Double Snake 2.14.1

Publisher's description

One single snake may be a piece of cake for you, snake charmers - but is it still manageable when the number of snakes has doubled? In this game, your goal is to control the moving directions of the snakes, so that they can consume the food and keep growing without hitting the wall or themselves. Before the game starts, you will be given a list of options, allowing you to set the moving speed of the snakes as well as the number of snakes. You may


Snake Multiplayer
Colon Snake
Telecharger Snake Ex 2
Rapid Snake
Xhamster Snake

File: snake.exe

System Requirements

Adobe AIR runtime 2.5

action games, arcade games, classic games, direction
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