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Easy HTML Autorun Builder download locations

softonic.com Easy HTML Autorun Builder 1.6.0
softpedia.com Easy HTML Autorun Builder 1.6.0
winsite.com Easy HTML Autorun Builder 1.6.0
windows8downloads.com Easy HTML Autorun Builder 1.6.0

Publisher's description

EHAB is an application pack designed for easy creation of HTML-based CD/DVD autorun menu that will run from CD/DVD ROM automatically. From this menu you can open documents in their default programs, run installations etc.

Setup Pack contains executable configurer file, executable shell file and some additional files. Program gives you the ability to preview your Menu before burning the CD/DVD.

AutoRun Slideshow
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Password For Autorun Architect
Attivare Autorun Maestro 4

File: eha_setup.zip

System Requirements

IE 5.0, CD Writer, CD Writing Software

autorun html, autostart, discstarter
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